Riteway Upgrades Its Laser Marking Capabilities

Riteway has recently invested in a new FOBA M1000 Fibre Laser Marking Machine.

The compact manual fibre laser marking machine FOBA M1000 has been designed for the high-quality laser marking of small parts, medium sized components, as well as batches. The easily accessible work space offers enough space for the processing of work pieces up to 450 x 250 x 200mm.

Metals, plastics, ceramics, glass etc. are processed efficiently and contact-free. All desired contents are applied repeatedly accurately and reliably including 2D and alphanumeric codes, simple serial numbers, complex logos, and graphics.  The M1000 laser marker can create high-quality marks both economically and reliably even at low-volume productions.

The FOBA M1000 is capable of marking GS1 DataMatrix codes to support the FDA’s new Unique Device Identifier (UDI) mandate, which identifies medical devices within the health care supply chain.